Bounty Builder Series Returns to PokerStars

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Starting from next week, the players of PokerStars will be experiencing the thrill of the Bounty Builder Series once again. A total of 196 games will be played within that 14 days period and when the dust is finally settled, more than $25.5 million in guaranteed prize pools will have been awarded to the winners. 

For players whose main interest is the Main Event, the cost of entry will be $55 and $530 for an opportunity to win a guaranteed $1 million and $2 million, respectively. Judging from the name of the tournament, players need to be prepared for a whole two weeks of a bounty knockout tournament. The very nature of all the events in the series will add up to a progressive jackpot winning opportunity. The tournament has been scheduled to start towards the end of February and run till mid March.

Playing Bounty Builder

Each of the players joining a bounty builder progressive tournament has a prize on their head. If a player gets eliminated by a fellow player, the winning player receives half of the bounty amount as a cash prize while the other half adds up to their own head. This explains why all players have equal value at the start of a tournament but other become more valuable and get more hunted in the process. The goal of the game is therefore to knockout as many players as you can because this gets more money into your hands. 

To illustrate how this event works, let us consider a scenario in which the first event in a bounty Builder Series has a buy-in of $100 + $9 (the $9 is kept by PokerStars as their fee/rake). Out of the $100, half goes to the prizepool while the other half is the starting bounty prize upon each player’s head. If a player manages to knockout a player at this level, $25 will be deposited right into their PokerStars account while the remaining $25 adds up to the winner’s bounty to make $75. After the first player has been eliminated, one of the remaining players is a bit richer; and their bounty has been raised a step higher. 

The main benefit of a progressive bounty tournament is that a player can make profit without even making any money. Obviously, the more players you have knocked out, the greater the prize on your head is going to be. If you are the last one standing at the end of a game, all the profit you have been making when other players get eliminated goes directly into your account. 

In addition to the unique gameplay and reward system, Bounty Builder series games are popular for the level of action involved. When trying to get rid of their fellow participants, some players can get very aggressive. Getting a play spot in one of these games is bound to be thrilling especially when it comes to gunning down each other for their bounty.  If luck is on your side and you manage to quickly build up the value of your bounty, it is possible that your gameplay could shift from being the hunter to being the hunted. 

Even though the system of dividing the buy-in amount has been described as mentioned above, the series has a few variations. For example, the Big Knockout format dictates that three quarters of the value of the buy-in is placed on the player’s head as the bounty while only a quarter adding up the prize pool. It does not matter how you are as an individual, when you come to bounty builder, you must be ready to shoot down your opponents for their value. 

The discussion above is not supposed to cover players that will be playing on the dotcom site. The current series comprises of 174 events and a total guarantee of more than €6 million. Players from the Southern part of Europe namely France, Portugal, and Spain have their own Bounty Builder Series. Southern Europe will be hosting three main poker events; €10 (€200,000 guarantee), €50 (€300,000 guarantee), and €250 (€500,000) guarantee. These will be spread across the series whose dates have already been released. 

The Evolution of PokerStars

Around five years ago, PokerStars embarked on a campaign that would lead to many people getting to know about poker as a regular casino game. By packaging the game as a means of making money, many people embraced it and built careers as online poker professionals. The reward system of the casino was aligned in a manner that people could make a life out of poker. This explains why casino players, male and female, have come out in large numbers to support, learn and pursue wins in poker. 

Looking at the PokerStars MI calendar, there appears to be an overlap between the Bounty Builder Series and the WSOP MI. This is not really a bad thing because the two operators are running the series simultaneous for mutual benefit. Any variation in their schedules will therefore benefit the players because of the wide range of offerings that will be available for them. In short, the biggest winner of the Bounty Builder Series and other tournaments happening at this time is the player. 

Final Thoughts

As one would expect, the casino industry in the United States has been changing for the last two decades. In the course of the last 15 years, the marketing and promotional messages of PokerStars have been focused on attaining new markets and scaling operations. Looking back on the company’s progression, it is clear that they have a solid mark in the industry. The management of PokerStars has at all times been committed to creating a powerful brand name as well as a plan for the future. With customers at the core of the advancement, it is clear that this brand moves forward because the customers feel appreciated, valued and entertained.

Author: Erika Woods